Vasectomy Procedures

Vasectomy Procedures

Vasectomy Procedures
Often couples investigate the best way for permanent birth control and the vasectomy is what they choose.

Vasectomy Success Rates

Vasectomy Procedures
Vasectomy procedures success should not be considered to have occurred during the first few months following the vasectomy. [more]

No Scalpel Vasectomy

Vasectomy Procedures
The no scalpel vasectomy uses a pointy hemostat to puncture the scrotal sac then the hemostat gently opens to make an area big enough to get to the Vas deferens. [more]


Vasectomy Procedures
Print our Online Coupon and bring it in with you to our office to get at discount on a vasectomy procedure. $750 (normally $1,000) [Click here to print]

Vasectomy Procedures

Vasectomy procedures for male birth control include the traditional one slit and suture vasectomy and the no scalpel vasectomy.  This website will cover vasectomy costs, vasectomy side effects, vasectomy pain, vasectomy recovery, vasectomy doctors and vasectomy success rates. We will also explain what to expect when getting a vasectomy, sperm banks, the vas deferens, vasectomy reversal, and alternative forms of birth control. Our world renowned urology center in Miami Florida specializes in male urological surgery.

Vasectomy procedures are performed by urologists. These urology specialists are doctors who perform urologic surgery in the genital and urinary systems. Urology specialists diagnose and treat testicular cancer symptoms.  Urologists diagnose many different urinary symptoms such as microscopic hematuria and gross hematuria.  Bladder symptoms such as stress incontinence are treated with prolapse surgery while a cancer bladder tumor will be removed with bladder surgery and follow up treatments.

Urologic surgery includes penile surgery for the installation of a penile implant, prostate cancer surgery to remove the prostate which is known as a radical prostatectomy. Our urologists use the TURP button and green light laser for enlarged prostate surgery when urinary retention is a prostate symptom. Our urology specialists also use da Vinci surgery (a surgical robot) to remove a kidney mass of renal cell carcinoma and a holmium laser for kidney stones treatment. Dr. Fernando Bianco our chief of robotic surgery has performed da Vinci prostatectomy hundreds of times and Dr. Edward Gheiler has performed penis surgery for a penis implant hundreds of times for men with severe erectile dysfunction causes.  When a prostate exam such as a prostate biopsy reveals prostate cancer our large urology center also offers prostate cryosurgery, prostate radiation, and for advanced prostate cancer there are also clinical research trials. 

Vasectomy procedures have been performed hundreds of times by each of our experienced urologists and they perform both the traditional vasectomy and the no scalpel vasectomy. The team at Urology Specialists has created a large online urology information center for both men and women. We have recently opened a new Holistic Urology Center next to our Urology Specialists Center. The Holistic Urology Center uses natural medicine holistic healing and Chinese medicines. Both the diagnostics and treatment procedures are less invasive and very gentle. Our procedures include acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, herbal ointments, diet therapy, medical massage, moxibustion warming treatments, exercise therapy and more.  For more information about vasectomy procedures go to the next page, or call (305) 822 7227 for an appointment. Print our Online Coupon and bring it in with you to our office to get at discount on a vasectomy procedure: $750 (normally $1,000).


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Vasectomy Procedures
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